The Intuitive Kitchen (T.I.K.)

is fun and healthy, family-friendly 

Cooking Instruction and Catering!

Want to be more comfortable and creative in the kitchen?
(Or just get some Good Eats
for a great time?)
Look no further:
we're here to help...
What do YOU need??

Why to start your


with us...

What We Do
Teach you...

  • Cooking Basics!

  • Food Safety & Knife Skills

  • Quick & Easy Meal Plans

  • Healthy Snacks


Help you...

  • Feed yourself (and others!)

  • Organize your kitchen

  • Reduce food waste

  • Save money!

What Y​OU Do

  • Make delicious, good-for-you food!

  • Make informed food choices

  • Gain confidence and have fun!

  • Unleash your creativity in the kitchen!



*Custom Menus, Classes, Parties, ETC. available.  Contact us with special requests or inquiries.


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