The Intuitive Kitchen (T.I.K.) was born in 2008 from a perceived need for Eating Education for kids and adults.  We seek to inspire "culinary creativity and comfort for the community."

T.I.K. presents a novice-friendly, realistic approach to "natural foods", meaning a wholesome, balanced way of eating.

We don't advocate any ONE way of eating.  We thoughtfully address food from shopping to preparation and presentation, health and lifestyle and the environment in which our food is prepared, like your kitchen!

OUR [life-saving] MISSION


T.I.K. wants to help improve the odds for the survival of Humanity and improve it's Quality of Life.  That's all.  (Well, and to feel good and have fun in the process, helping others to remember the love and art of Eating Well.)

T.I.K. is about "conscious consumption", incorporating lifestyle and nutritional concerns.  We foster personal and global responsibility.  We encourage empowered improvisation with a healthy, affordable and versatile pantry.

T.I.K. is a restorative kitchen.   

We treat feeding ourselves and our families as a joyful event and as participation in the larger community.

Marissa Joinson, Owner of The Intuitive Kitchen

Marissa Joinson, Owner/Chef/Educator


SO, I've been in the food industry in "various capacities", mostly cooking, for almost 30 years. (so crazy!)  

After all this time and experience I believe in balance in every way and my "relaxed-but-conscious" cooking style reflects that: mostly healthy, fun and varied.


I bring restaurant ownership, kitchen management, entertainment, event coordination and professional organizing to the table, so to speak. 

You see, I don't want to just "give folks a fish", y'know? (as much as i love sushi ;)

I try to live and consume with joy and consciousness and I strive to inspire that in others, helping people to be healthy and happy, as well as both globally- and self-sustainable...


Thanks for reading and I look forward to cooking with you!


Intuitively Yours,

Marissa J.



Marissa brought her joy and expertise about healthful cooking to all participants of Senior Health and Fitness Day 2016 in Balboa Park. She prepared quick, easy soups and dips in front of the crowd of eager taste tasters. Her explanations of the ingredients and benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle were received with rapt attention. Marissa provided a warm, professional approach to the crowd and their questions. I would recommend her to any event planner looking to add a smart, well-orchestrated live cooking demonstration."

Fritzi Gros-Daillon, Household Guardians/Age Safe America

Senior Health and Fitness Day 2016

Thanks so much for showing me the way to my husband’s heart:  Crab Cakes!  The salad was amazing and I really enjoyed the banter.”

Pollie G.

Book Club Bounty

Marissa, you have an excellent way of explaining and teaching your ‘students’! The ingredients you use are unique, health, different and create distinctive yet beautiful flavors.  You are professional yet engaging and educational.  Thank you for a fabulous evening of great food!"

Jayne C.

Book Club Bounty

"The Intuitive Kitchen was a great experience of tastes for every palate.  I was so impressed with Marissa and the combinations of organic foods.  We also appreciated the explanation of the preparation and special foods and spices in each meal! Loved it!"


Girls' Retreat

“Marissa is an amazing chef and has a wonderful spirit.  She was so great to have around for our women’s retreat.  We felt well-cared for. 

Would hire her again and again and again!”

Bridget Conroy, Boston, MA

Girls' Retreat

“Thank you so much for your scrumptious meals at our now-annual girls' vacation!  We loved the organic, fresh meals every day and the time you took to explain the details of the dishes!

P.S.  Thank you for being Intuitive!"

Wendy Forrester

Client, Host of "Lovely Ladies' Lunches" at Girls' Retreat, Fall '16

“Thank you for such a wonderful experience in tasting and trying new foods.  Everything you prepared was exceptionally delicious.  Your professionalism with your wonderful spirit was such a delight. 

I highly recommend your services for anyone looking for such a talented chef!”

Pam Kendall

Girls' Retreat

“You have enhanced our Girls’ Retreat by the love in your preparation and organic ingredients that create such a scrumptious lunch!  Your creation is magical and delightful, full of flavor and a wonderful expression of your spirit and love for food.

Thank you.”


Girls' Retreat

“Marissa, we were all so blessed to not only get gourmet, scrumptious meals but a fun-loving chef, as well. 

I really enjoyed the different tastes, especially the sauces.

Thanks for making our special time together delicious, too!”


Girls' Retreat

I hired Marissa for a family cooking lesson and we had a great time with her, learning and eating our tasty custom menu of Italian Tapas; we wanted a light, healthy approach and she delivered, giving us inspiration and nice alternatives to traditional recipes, including a delicious vegan Pesto made with sunflower seeds!

Marissa was accommodating, affordable and created a lovely, easy menu for us to help prepare and enjoy. She is easy to work with and cooking with her, sipping wine and listening to Italian music in the background felt like hanging-out with a friend with the added bonus of her knowledge and comfort in any kitchen, even one she’s never been to! 

I recommend Marissa and see The Intuitive Kitchen as a great way to learn and have fun in the process."

Erin Jackson

Registered Dietician

What a fun and useful class! I loved learning about delicious recipes that can become staples in my home with the versatility to mix them up in lots of different ways!"

Victoria W.

Class participant

This turned out to be so relevant to all of the nutritional education I’ve been getting lately! As I hoped, my daughter enjoyed the food and this will help us to have a healthier family kitchen…"

Rebecca Wells

Swanky Sugar

Marissa’s class taught me to use ingredients that I already like and have in new flavor combinations that were healthy and delicious. Six different quick recipes in an hour and a half is a lot but not overwhelming for a beginner like me."

Starr Culver

Class participant

Marissa’s class showed me that I can make my own delicious [snack] bars instead of buying boring ones from Target! She made me excited to get in the kitchen and experiment with flavors!"

Emily Moberly

Traveling Stories

Great class! Love the variety of ingredients and different types of rolls. Good mix between demonstrations and hands-on instruction. I will definitely try this at home."

E. Behrman

Class participant

Another amazing cooking class! Fun, relaxed learning environment.  You definitely know your food and I always learn something new.  Thank you!"

Malinee Kukkonen

Class participant

Hi Marissa,

I just wanted to thank you again for the great fun time today at your cooking class. I really enjoyed the whole experience.  As I was learning from you, I was thinking that you will be really a big hit if people can see you on national TV.  

It was a great, warm, love, teamwork feeling at your event."

Hiro H.

Class participant

Hey Marissa!!

Cressie Mae here :D we met last weekend at the farmers market when my husband scotty and I were visiting for the day. It was such a pleasure to meet you! Your work is amazing, and you are already a major inspiration in my life, a mentor and role model without a doubt.  I look forward to meeting you again and again and again and learning many wonderful things from you.

You can ABSOLUTELY use any thing I wrote and you can reference me too if that helps.  You have SO MUCH TO SHARE and I am truly blown away by what you have created, I want to help in anyway I can!

I've been sharing you with my facebook friends and colleagues, I want to see your work influence the lives of as many people as possible!

Take care beautiful! lots and lots of love..."


Cressie Mae

Marissa planned a terrific lunch for my workshop crowd: nutritious, delicious, and appealing to the eye and taste.  It was just right in every way.  I highly recommend The Intuitive Kitchen and Marissa for your next catered event!

You were definitely an asset to the group.

We will definitely work together again,"

Nancy Burnett, PhD

Empowering women to flourish in career and personal life.

We had the pleasure of working with Marissa from The Intuitive Kitchen for one of our events.  She did a terrific 'Garden-to-Table' cooking workshop and lunch for our Summer Session.  Our guests created a delicious menu while learning several easy, healthy recipes.  

Marissa’s style is authentic and hands-on.  Her enthusiasm in the kitchen was infectious and our participants were engaged, entertained and educated in a fun and inclusive way.  She went the extra mile by providing lovely hand-outs of each recipe for our guests to take home.  Many of them provided rave reviews following the experience.  

Marissa was such a pleasure to work with and we felt very fortunate to have her showcase her love for "conscious cooking" at our Summer Session.  She brought tremendous value to the event with her knowledge and our guests enjoyed the beautiful and tasty food that was prepared with her light and friendly approach.  She is a natural in a teaching setting and a passionate educator that brings her love of creative cooking and mission to raise 'Food Consciousness' to her work.

We hope to collaborate with her, again, and felt that The Intuitive Kitchen brought an essential element of inspiration to our DIY agenda..."

Ana Olson

As a busy and health-conscious bachelor, two things are important to me in the food I eat: convenience and nutrition.  The dishes I get from The Intuitive Kitchen give me both.  For almost a year now, I've enjoyed Marissa's delicious and nutritious food – with the convenience of her prepared dishes and regular home delivery.  The Intuitive Kitchen soups and salads are quick, nutritious meals that meet my no-fuss lifestyle. And her MJ's Market Bars ended my long search for a convenient snack bar that didn’t have added soy, whey or indecipherable chemicals.  Finally, a tasty snack bar that doesn’t include unwanted additives!

In addition to good food, Marissa focuses on customer service – with her friendly delivery, various discounts, and her eco-friendly use of food containers.  

My next step? To host an Intuitive Kitchen cooking party with Marissa in the very near future!"

Kirk Cunningham

Del Mar, CA

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