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The T.I.K. Story

The Intuitive Kitchen (T.I.K.™) was born in 2008 from a perceived need for Eating Education© for kids and adults. We seek to inspire "culinary creativity and comfort for the community!"

T.I.K. presents a novice-friendly, realistic approach to "natural foods", meaning a wholesome, balanced way of cooking and eating. Nothing too crazy... ;)

We don't advocate any ONE way of eating; we thoughtfully address FOOD from shopping, preparation, presentation, health and lifestyle to the environment in which our food is prepared, including your kitchen!

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Super Health Food

Our (Life-Saving) Mission

T.I.K. wants to help improve the odds for the survival of Humanity and improve its Quality of Life. That's all. (Well, and to feel good and have fun in the process, helping others to remember the love and art of Cooking and Eating WELL...)

T.I.K. is about "conscious consumption", incorporating lifestyle and nutritional concerns. We foster personal and global responsibility. We encourage empowered improvisation with a healthy, affordable, and versatile pantry.

T.I.K. is a restorative kitchen. We treat feeding ourselves and our friends and families as a joyful event and as participation in the larger community.

Organic Vegetables

Marissa's Story

SO, I've been in the food industry in "various capacities", mostly cooking, for over 30 years. (so crazy!) After all this time and experience I believe in balance in every way and my "relaxed-but-conscious" cooking style reflects that: mostly healthy, fun, and varied.

Organic Vegetables

Caitlin's Story

My European heritage has allowed me to really fall in love with how delicious, homemade food creates a certain kind of love and togetherness in the home. After spending 15 years in the culinary and hospitality industry, I want to share my love for food with everyone!


"Marissa brought her joy and expertise about healthful cooking to all participants of Senior Health and Fitness Day 2016 in Balboa Park. She prepared quick, easy soups and dips in front of the crowd of eager taste tasters. Her explanations of the ingredients and benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle were received with rapt attention. Marissa provided a warm, professional approach to the crowd and their questions. I would recommend her to any event planner looking to add a smart, well-orchestrated live cooking demonstration."

Fritzi Gros-Daillon, Household Guardians/Age Safe America

Senior Health and Fitness Day 2016

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