FREE 30-minute Initial Consultation

2-hour F3P in Client's home (not incl. set-up) where we will talk about and prepare food together: BIG Fun!

Sample menu:  

  • Appetizer/Snack, "Sunny Spread" OR Sumkinda’ Super Soup

  • Rainbow Salad

  • "World's Best Burrito" OR “Love-Me-Tenders”

  • Dessert - "Fruity Tartlettes"

​​Instruction includes:

  • "Careful Cutting"

  • Tips & Techniques

  • "Healthy Family, Healthy World" [addressing environmental impact, resource conservation]

  • Time- and Money-Saving strategies

Info. to "Grow Your Own!" and additional nutritional support


(Family Food Fun Party)

These are exciting times in the evolution of The Intuitive Kitchen and I am reaching-out to more families who want and need help to prepare and eat healthier food, guiding them to get creative and psyched about cooking!  My intention is to equip future generations with knowledge to be self- and globally-sustainable and to not be intimidated in the kitchen, like so many people are these days. This is just one way for me to make a tangible difference in the world, sharing Health & Happiness and inspiring a renewed interest in feeding ourselves in the best ways possible…and to have FUN, ay?!