I mean, who wouldn't want to participate in anything TED-flavored?? Not me! I was delighted to be a part of an always-inspiring event like this and had a blast making some tasty, healthy smoothies for the curious attendees... 

Take advantage of the local opportunity to get your intellectual on! 

This was one of my favorite events I've had the pleasure to be involved in: great fun, lovely, gracious guests, cool venue, wonderful hosting organization!  It would behoove you to know about LHG and participate in one of their fantastic, hands-on events!  We made and enjoyed a tasty Garden Lunch...

Talk about philanthropy: Lynda "Sunshine" West is walking the talk, man!  One fundraising event after another, she's the real deal, connecting folks and rallying to support great causes. This event has morphed into the "Lemon Zest & Garlic Fest", still benefitting worthy causes, still rejoicing in giving... 

When Coar to Soar and T.I.K. sponsored a kids tent for this event, all kindza' lemony fun ensued!

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It was an impulsive, crazy dream: two busy "mom-preneurs" had a beautiful vision of an event celebrating moms, a day of "healthy indulgence" featuring great food, music, art, vendors, massage, mini-workshops...but with only a few, short weeks to make it happen! "WHA??"  Well, we did it, me and my pal Amanda DeKoening, hoping to repeat it as a recurring thing, just need to decide when we'll have the time, again... ;) 

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