T.I.Kids Story

The Intuitive Kitchen is proud to bring you T.I.Kids!  (That's Totally Intuitive Kids, as we know them to be, right?)  Here is how we are going to have a big, awesome impact on future generations:  teaching them about food!  Where it comes from, how to cook it and to make good, sustainable, delicious decisions for themselves and for the world around them.  We talk about being a vital member of the local and global communities, recognizing the impact of our behavior and decisions.

With an ever-changing agricultural, ecological and economic landscape, we must inform our children about basic nutrition, proper cooking techniques and provide the inspiration for comfort and creativity in the kitchen.   Our intention is to help humans to make cooking and eating WELL a wonderful part of Life, not just an annoying or overwhelming necessity.  We need to remember how to celebrate the gift that is our precious food supply and it's joyful consumption!  T.I.K. is here to help with that. :)


In keeping with our mission, T.I.K. is educating children (and adults) about the Big, Beautiful World of Food with a friendly, multi-faceted approach and making these important Life Lessons FUN!  It's the best way to teach and learn, after all... 

So, how do we do it? With LOVE. Anywhere, anytime. With friends, groups or privately. 

Parties! Classes! Camps! 


Contact us with any questions, watch our calendar and connect with us...

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