An[other] Ode to Kale

"O, wondrous Kale, HOW do I love Thee?" I love Thee braised, sautéed, steamed, roasted, chopped, rolled, tossed into a soup, layered in a casserole, blended in a smoothie, snuck into a puree, featured in a SALAD...!! Shoot, I wonder what you can’t do?? (Probably not so good to wash my car, BUT, it is truly a "Super Food" Icon, capable of seemingly anything…) StartFragment What the heck did we eat before you became such an adored Edible Rockstar as of late, having worked your way up from a long-time unsung cameo role as Garnish?? Of course You are still lovely to behold in garden borders, colorful and hardy, but we have embraced you as the nutritional powerhouse that you are (cancer comba

Wraps ‘n Rolls

Who doesn’t LOVE a good wonton or dumpling, hmm? Well, as much as I advocate healthy eating, I'm not opposed to the occasional Oil-immersed Delight. I once heard, “If it ain’t fried, it ain’t food!” ;) Honestly, my feeling is that if One is conscientious most of the time, it’s Big Fun to make them at home and that way, you know exactly what’s in them and you can use the best quality ingredients possible, thereby ensuring no unexpected reactions to mystery preservatives, flavor enhancers or bits of unwanted allergens, AY? Exactly. StartFragment I made these at a Farmers’ Market cooking demo a while back, been wanting to get this up to share and here we are, hoping You will be inspired to

EPIC Smoothie! (a formula to feel FAB ;)

StartFragment Smoothies here, smoothies there, smoothies everywhere! Is it just a fading fad? Are you a devotee or in the “enough already” camp? (If you are the latter, I guess you wouldn’t be reading this, eh?) I will say for the record, I still find it one of the more versatile ways in which to pack a wholelotta punch, whether for flavor, refreshment, nutrition or, in my case, All of the Above. 😉 I love to experiment with different variables, but as things happen in The Intuitive Kitchen, there’s a basic template which allows for play and I would encourage you to use my Loose ‘n Easy Formula each time you make your Fantastic Meal-in-a-Glass so that you know you’re getting allkinza’ g

Evolution: T.I.Kids!

“I believe the children are our future; teach them well and let them lead the way…” E-vo-lu-tion: the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form synonyms: development, advancement, growth, rise, progress, expansion, unfolding This is not about me. Well, maybe a little: for those who don't know me from Adam, I am a passionate educator with a fairly extensive background in the food biz, many years of dance and yoga, a Fine Arts degree, ETC. (see more at LinkedIn, if you so choose) I won’t bore you here with the whole, long saga of How It All Began, or how I’ve been fairly out of the picture for the last several months, Substitute teaching and studying

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